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The China Studies Program in the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies is an interdisciplinary designed to give students a broad knowledge of the History, Sociology, Politics, and Language of China. The program is served by world-class faculty and facilities. Click here for a welcome from Program Chair Madeleine Dong.


Wasserstrom Lecture A Success

How does a historian say something new about a topic that has been as well covered as the Boxer Uprising? University of California-Irvine professor Jeffrey Wasserstrom answered this question for students and faculty in a talk presented by the China Studies Program on February 10th entitled "Angry Ghosts: 1900's Boxer Crisis as Global History."

According to current M.A. candidate Matt Portwood "Professor Wasserstrom discussed the ways in which the image of "Boxerism" re-emerges as a trope in explanations of mass movements in China, including Tiananmen and the 1999 NATO protests in China."

During his discussion Professor Wasserstrom also discussed examples of the persistence of the image of the Boxer Uprising in popular media including a contemporary graphic novels and even an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Wasserstrom explained that he hoped to expand his study to include a discussion of the Paris Exposition and the Boer Wars--contemporary events of the rebellion.  



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