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The Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies
Centennial Celebration Open House Monday, May 11, 2009


The day began at 8:30 am with an informal coffee hour with
Jackson School Director Anand Yang.

The Open House continued until 3:30 pm with Jackson School
program and center poster sessions throughout Thomson Hall,
musical performances, and alumni-led career conversations.

The University of Washington Libraries also produced an exhibit
in conjunction with the Centennial.


Musical Performances


The Venda Ensemble 11:30 am - 12:30 pm
About the Venda Ensemble

Southeast Asia Center Faculty and Students Present Indonesian Dance                      12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
Beskalan Putri Malangan: East Javanese Dance performed by Christina Sunardi and Emma Lux
Tari Topeng Gunung Sari: Mask Dance from East Java performed by Christina Sunardi
About the Performers
An Introduction to the Art of the Turkish Oud with Kane Mathis 12:30 pm - 1:20 pm
About Kane Mathis
University Steel Drum Band 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
About the University Steel Drum Band
The Shalom Ensemble 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm
About the Shalom Ensemble


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Career Conversations


We were pleased to welcome back eight Jackson School alumni for career conversations with current JSIS undergraduate and graduate students.
About the Jackson School Alumni

Career Conversations 9:30 am - 12:00 pm
This featured Jackson School alumni with careers in the State Department, the United Nations, international education, the US Department of Energy, non-governmental organizations, commercial real estate and financial services industries, and the Office of the US Trade Representative

Panel Discussion with Jackson School Alumni 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm
This was a more structured conversation that brought together all of the topics discussed in the previous session.

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Words Of The World
An Exhibit in conjunction with the Jackson School of International Studies Centennial Celebration

Suzzallo Allen Libraries Allen North Lobby May 8 – May 31, 2009

The University of Washington Libraries maintains strong programs in support of the National Resources Centers and other international programs of the Jackson School of International Studies. The Librarians responsible for the various areas of the world represented in the School's teaching and research activities presented some of the outstanding materials that contribute to our nationally-recognized international collections. Our exhibit of notable book, manuscript and media materials included a time-line noting the major developments in our Libraries programs, and significant landmarks in the history of the Jackson School.

We also exhibited new books in our international studies collections (also in the Allen Lobby), and a poster displaying recent Jackson School faculty publications (in the 1st Floor Reference area).

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About the Performers

The Venda Ensemble

Mudzunga Junniah DavhulaMudzunga Junniah Davhula is a performer, teacher, and community leader from the Venda area of the Limpopo Province, South Africa. She is highly revered for her musical leadership as well as for her community leadership in her home village of Tshakhuma and throughout the Limpopo Province. She was born in Sophia Town Johannesburg, where she lived until the age of eight. At that time she went to stay with her grandmother in the rural area, as her father wanted her to attend school in her Venda culture. That is where, since 1962, she has been engaged with the cultural and the customs of the Venda society.

Mudzunga Davhula leads and performs with several Venda musical ensembles in Tshakhuma and teaches Venda music and culture to young children in the area. She started her first cultural group, Farisanani ("help one another") in 1979, the Youth Group Vhulunga zwau ("preserve your culture") in 1994, and most recently she started a cultural group for young children, Lurenzheni (Davhula's royal name) in 2002.

In addition to her work as a performer, Mudzunga Davhula is an educator, lecturer and curriculum advisor who promotes the teaching of arts and culture in the Limpopo province, working to include traditional musical cultures in the educational curriculum. She obtained a B.A. (1986), B.Ed (1989), a B.Mus. (1992), a M.Mus. (1998), and is currently completing her Ph.D. in ethnomusicology (September 2009). Mudzunga is a member of the royal Venda family, and she and her husband Nelson Davhula have six children and three grandchildren.

As a visiting artist at the University of Washington, Mudzunga Davhula has engaged the students with the musical traditions of the Venda culture. Her primary instruments for instruction are the reed pipe ensemble, which encompasses bamboo reed pipes (nanga), Venda drums, singing, and dancing. She has also taught her students to play other traditional Venda instruments such as the ocarina (tshipotolio), the calabash bow (dende), the mouth bow (tshihwana), and the women's mouth bow (lugube).

Mudzunga Davhula's appointment as a visiting artist in the University of Washington School of Music marks the first time that an artist from the Venda culture has been appointed to such a position at a North American university.

Southeast Asia Center Faculty and Students Present Indonesian Dance

Beskalan Putri Malangan
East Javanese Dance performed by Christina Sunardi and Emma Lux

Tari Topeng Gunung Sari
Mask Dance from East Java performed by Christina Sunardi

Christina SunardiChristina Sunardi is an assistant professor of ethnomusicology in the School of Music at the University of Washington, Seattle. She has studied and performed Javanese music and dance in Indonesia and the United States since 1997. Sunardi began her studies with master artists Ki Suhardi, Nugraha, V. Renaningsih, Djoko Waluyo, Heri Purwanto, Leny Tri Astuti, and Midiyanto, focusing on central Javanese music and dance. Since 2005, she has pursued east Javanese performing arts, studying with Budi Utomo, Djupri, Kusnadi, Mulyono, M. Soleh Adi Pramono, Sumi’anah, and B. Supriono Hadi Prasetyo in the regency of Malang. Before moving to Seattle in December 2007 and joining Gamelan Pacifica, Sunardi performed as a musician and dancer with California Bay Area ensembles Gamelan Sari Raras and Gamelan Sekar Jaya.

Emma Lux began formal dance training with ballet, African dances, and modern dance and then studied at the Pacific Northwest Ballet School. At the same time she maintained a broad interest in dance and cultures which led her to delve into a variety of dance forms. She has studied Flamenco with Rubina Carmona and classical Persian dance with Heather Rastovac. She also studies Indian dances with Nalini and is a member of the Blue Lotus Dance Company. As a member of Helene Eriksen’s Traditional Dance Theatre, studying and performing traditional women’s dances of the east, she had the privilege of dancing in the Fourth Annual International Folk Festival for Peace in Nepal last June. Emma is an anthropology major at the UW and has recently began to study east Javanese dance with Christina Sunardi.

Kane Mathis

Kane MathisKane Mathis studied at Istanbul Technical University's State Conservatory for Classical Turkish Music and with Munir Beken, an oud virtuoso and visiting artist in the Ethnomusicology division of the School of Music.

Performing on the 21-string Mandinka Harp and the Turkish Oud, Kane Mathis renders compelling interpretations of these traditional musics. Years of study with generous masters have given Kane a rare opportunity to share these traditions with other cultures.

Kane began taking trips to The Gambia, West Africa in 1997 and has continued rigorous study of the Mandinka Kora. Over the past ten years his performances have earned him recognition by the Gambian president, The Gambian minister of culture, and both national television and radio of The Gambia.

Kanes primary kora teachers are Malamini Jobarteh of Brikama, The Gambia and Moriba Kouyate of The Gambia. The Jobarteh family remain one of The Gambias most important musical legacies. Tata Din din Jobarteh, Pa Bobo Jobarteh, and Siffai Jobarteh are the families current most visible exponents touring the world.

For more information about Kane Mathis, visit his website.

The University of Washington Steelband

The UW Steelband was founded by Ray Holman, who served as Visiting Artist at the UW School of Music from 1998 to 2000. Since then it has been directed by Shannon Dudley, associate professor of ethnomusicology. The band includes students from diverse departments, most of whom did not play the steel pan before joining. Over the course of the academic year they rehearse weekly to learn a variety of Caribbean styles and rhythms, and give performances every spring.

Current members include:

Brian Blaugrund
Sam Burke
Michael DiRoberts
Barbara Holmquist
Bart Komoah
Craig Kovatch
Eumeen Lee
Joseph Maury
Sharelle Pampo
Michiko Sakai
Zoe Saurs
Peter Schmeeckle

The Shalom Ensemble

Steve RiceMary KantorThe Shalom Ensemble plays KLEZMER traditional Eastern European Jewish dance music. Mary Kantor plays the clarinet and Steve Rice plays the accordion for the ensemble. KLEZMER experienced a revival in America and throughout the world in about 1975. The Shalom Ensemble has been playing this kind of music since then.

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About the Jackson School Alumni Presenters

Phelps Feeley

Assistant Director for International Programs
UW Educational Outreach

Phelps Feeley has been working in the field of international education for over seven years. She graduated in 2007 with a MAIS in South Asian Studies. Currently, she directs in-bound, undergraduate programs offered jointly by the Jackson School of International Studies and UW Educational Outreach. During her graduate studies, she interned with the Pacific Village Institute, a Seattle-based NGO offering cross-cultural learning opportunities throughout Asia for U.S. high school students and educators. This followed her two years working with the Antioch College Education Abroad's Buddhist Studies Program in India.

Elaine Heller

Principal and Wealth Advisor

With her brother’s encouragement and parent’s help, Elaine moved to Hong Kong after college to “seek her fortune.” She wanted to put her International Studies degree to work while she had no roots. She started in the financial services industry as a sales assistant with a major Wall Street firm, and then moved into a position as a research analyst and economist for a private bank. She is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and has been working in the financial services industry, in various roles, ever since.

Alice Heimbeck

Associate Director, Mergers & Acquisitions Services Group
Colliers International

After graduating from the Jackson School in 1985, Alice began her career in international business in Chicago at Anchor Hocking’s import division. In 1988 she co-founded Orchard Trading Company, an import/export business with offices in Japan and Chicago. After selling Orchard Trading Company she moved to Hong Kong where she began her family and worked with the United Nations’ High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR).

In 1996 Alice returned to the private sector when she co-founded an integrated service provider (ISP) to facilitate the international trade and transportation industries. Trade Tech has grown to 11 offices worldwide and is recognized as one of the pioneering software companies harnessing the power of the internet to provide supply-chain management solutions, including customer relationship management (CRM) software, transportation management, cost optimization, and rate management software. Alice remained on the board of directors until 2007 when she sold her controlling stock and partnered with Colliers International to form the Colliers Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Services Group. Based in Seattle, the Colliers M&A Group specializes in the marketing and sale of privately held manufacturing, distribution, and service companies.

Amy Karpel

Associate General Counsel
Office of the US Trade Representative

International Studies 1996

Amy has been an Associate General Counsel at the Office of the U.S. Trade Reprentative (USTR) in Washington, DC for five years. USTR is part of the Executive Office of the President and the U.S federal agency responsible for developing and implementing U.S. international trade policy. Among other responsibilities, Amy has litigated international trade dispute before the World Trade Organization and negotiated and drafted texts for U.S. free trade agreements with Korea, Peru, Columbia, Oman, Panama, and Central America Prior to USTR, Amy practiced international trade law as an associate at Stewart and Stewart, a law firm in Washington, DC. Amy is a graduate of American University, Washington College of Law in Washington, DC and the Jackson School, University of Washington.

Todd Larson

Senior Counsellor
United Nations World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

Mr. Larson received his J.D. and M.A. in International Studies from the Jackson School in 1988. He has served around the world, with both the Peace Corps and, for two decades, the United Nations. Todd’s efforts to advance employment protections for gay and lesbian staff of the United Nations throughout the world, as advisor in his free time to the Federation of International Civil Servants’ Associations and the U.N. Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Employees group, led directly to the first affirmative, internal policy initiatives in the UN’s 60-year history in favor of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights. Todd is currently on the board of the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (www.IGLHRC.org).

Craig Nakagawa

Chief Financial Officer and Director of Social Business

Craig began his career in global health and economic development at the investment bank Lehman Brothers, where he was a member of the firm’s global pharmaceuticals practice. From Lehman Brothers in Tokyo, Craig focused primarily on Japanese pharma companies, but also covered drug, food, and nutrition companies throughout Asia. Craig’s investment banking experience centered on fundamental company analysis, corporate finance, and derivative finance.

In 1999, Craig joined Teledesic, a global satellite venture started by Craig McCaw and Bill Gates, to bridge the digital divide by enabling broadband communications anywhere in the world. Beyond his daytime duties of strategy and corporate development at Teledesic, Craig helped his colleague Blaise Judja-Sato with his vision of bringing essential health services to the poor in Africa and beyond. By 2000, the vision developed into VillageReach, which Craig joined full time in 2001.

Craig is currently VillageReach’s Chief Financial Officer and Director of Social Business. Craig has an MBA from the University of Chicago and a BA from the Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

Matthew Van Sickle

National Nuclear Security Administration
US Department of Energy

Matthew Van Sickle is a foreign affairs specialist at the National Nuclear Security Administration. Mr. Van Sickle works for the International Nuclear Safeguards and Engagement Program (INSEP) and manages international safeguards and nuclear infrastructure development projects in North Africa, the Middle East, South America, and Europe. Mr. Van Sickle has Masters Degrees in International Studies and Public Administration from the University of Washington, 2006.

Philip Wall

Retired Foreign Service Officer
US Department of State

Mr. Wall received his MA in East Asian Studies from the China Program in 1975, when the Jackson School was still known as the Institute for Comparative and Foreign Area Studies. After graduation and while in the UW MBA program (1976-78) he worked for Professor Herb Ellison as a research assistant. He spent 26 years as a Foreign Service Officer with the US State Department (1979-2005), including three years in Taipei and three years in Beijing (1986-89). He also served in Pakistan, France (at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), the Bahamas and New Zealand, and spent a year with the Mayor's Office in San Francisco.

For most of his career, he worked on the full range of standard international economic policy issues -- trade, finance, development -- but also dealt with labor, education, aviation, and biotechnology matters. After retirement, he spent several years in Maine before returning to Seattle in 2008.


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