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Many internationally related internships in the development or government fields are unpaid or provide only a small stipend. However, there are funding opportunities available if you choose to participate in an unpaid international affairs internship (either domestic or abroad). Below are a few resources, but we encourage you to conduct your own search as well.

Jackson School Internship Scholarships

Other Internship Funding Resources


Jackson School Internship Scholarships


Jackson School Career Services oversees the administration of four scholarship funds that provide financial support to unfunded or under-funded internationally-focused internships. Below is information regarding each fund, eligibility requirements and the application process.

Additionally, students may apply for the Wanamaker Scholarship to support study or internship activity abroad, but this is handled through the main Student Services Office's academic scholarships application


Internship Scholarship Funds:


Diane Fathi-DiLuck Endowment

What is it for?                                        Established in 2006 to provide financial assistance to Jackson School students who serve as unpaid interns with organizations in the greater Seattle area in order to gain practical experience in the international field.
Where? Greater Seattle area
Who can apply? JSIS undergraduate and graduate students.



George Taylor Internship Endowed Fund

What is it for?             Established in 1999 to provide Jackson School students who serve as unpaid interns with organizations in order to gain practical experience in the international field.
Where? Greater Seattle area
Who can apply? JSIS undergraduate and graduate students


Dorothy Fosdick Memorial Internship Fund

What is it for?               Established in 1998 to provide financial assistance to undergraduate and graduate Jackson School students serving in internships at organizations engaged in some aspect of international affairs.
 Where?  United States or abroad
 Who can apply?  JSIS juniors, seniors & graduate students


Leslianne Shedd Memorial Fund

What is it for?                 Established in 1998 to provide internship assistance to Jackson School undergraduate and graduate students who wish to intern with the U.S. Foreign Service, the United Nations, or other international governmental or non-governmental organizations; or to students pursuing a career in public health in underserved areas overseas.
Where? United States or abroad
Who can apply? -JSIS undergraduate and graduate students
-UW students in public health-related programs


Application Timeline:


Note: The applications window for 2014 Scholarships has now closed.

Check back for updates to the 2015 scholarship program timeline. 


Applications Open

Application Deadline Candidate Notification Accept Award & Submit Final Paperwork Post-Internship Reports Due

2014 JSIS Academic & Internship Scholarships

TBD for 2015

April 1st, 2014


 April 30th, 2014 Mid-May Early October




Undergraduate and graduate JSIS students* who are accepted into unpaid internationally-focused internships in 2014 Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall quarters are welcome to apply for JSIS internship scholarships. Although students graduating in June 2014 who will continue on to an unpaid summer internship are still welcome to apply for funding, preference will be given to students who will be continuing their UW studies into Fall 2014 after the duration of their internship.

*non-JSIS UW students with a global health focus who are pursuing an international internship are invited along with JSIS students to apply for the Leslianne Shedd Memorial Fund. Please apply through the main JSIS scholarship application form and indicate in your personal statement that you are applying for the Leslianne Shedd Memorial Fund.


Selection Criteria:

Scholarships will be awarded using the following criteria:

  • Academic merit
  • Financial need
  • Student status (continuing students given priority in most cases)
  • Internship location (will determine type of scholarship awarded)
  • The substantive nature of the internship
  • The potential of the person(s) selected to make a significant future contribution to service in the international arena
  • Student’s goals for the internship

Note: Students must be completing an internship to be eligible for these scholarships. Scholarships will not be awarded for fieldwork or research.

How to Apply:


To apply, students must complete the following steps once applications open:

Step 1: Read the JSIS Scholarship Application Instructions. You will need to refer to these instructions as you complete the online application. Be sure to read all instructions carefully, as the scholarships differ in eligibility, purpose, and application requirements. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Step 2: Complete the online JSIS Scholarship Application.

  • Students must submit a completed application packet by 5 pm Pacific Time on the application due date to be considered for opportunities.
  • All materials must be submitted electronically. Hard copy application materials will not be accepted.

Scholarship Requirements:

At the conclusion of the internship we require that interns submit a brief report of responsibilities and experiences for our files. A copy will also be given to the individuals and organizations establishing the scholarship, where applicable.

Additionally, we are sometimes able to arrange luncheons between scholarship recipients and donors and ask that recipients make time to attend these one-time events.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Answers to frequently asked questions are here.


Additional Information:


Scholarship Committee

Scholarship recipient decisions will be made under the supervision of the Director of the Jackson School in collaboration with Jackson School staff and faculty. Committee membership may change each quarter at the discretion of the Director.


Once candidates submit completed applications, they will receive two communications from the scholarship committee:

  1. Receipt confirmation- via email within 1 week after the application deadline, Candidates should confirm with those writing recommendations independently.
  2. Award notification- All applicants will be notified via email by the end of April whether or not they have been awarded a scholarship.

Once candidates receive award letters and before receiving financial support, they are expected to do the following:

  • Formally accept/decline the award by signing and returning an award letter
  • Provide final confirmation of internship details


Financial Awards

The amount of each award shall be determined by the Jackson School and is dependent upon both the availability of funds and the terms of the internship.

Academic Credit:

There are a number of options to register for academic credit for your internship if you choose to do so:

General Studies 350 through the Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center
JSIS 497 for Undergraduate Internship (this form can also be used by grad students to apply for graduate credits)

These forms must be completed and submitted to your academic adviser before the start of your internship.

Whether or not the credit counts towards your department is determined by the academic nature of the internship and the project you and your faculty supervisor decide on. Sometimes they require a paper at the end of the internship, sometimes a weekly progress report and presentation. The deliverables depend on the faculty adviser you select to oversee your credits.

See more information on student internships at:


Please direct internship scholarship questions to:
Career Services/Alumni Relations, Jackson School of International Studies or 206.543.0176



Other Internship Funding Resources


The Christianson Grant is awarded to individuals aged 18-28 who have arranged their own work abroad programs. Proposed programs must be at least 6 months in length and emphasize a work component. Application deadlines in March, July & October.

The Fund for Education Abroad offers numerous scholarships each year. Some general scholarships offer internship funding for undergraduates. Other more specific scholarships are available for those interested in Vietnam or who are members of the LGBT community. Application deadlines in January.

LivFund offers scholarships for internship, study and research programs in certain Latin American countries.

Sarah's Wish Scholarship Fund provides funding to young women committed to making the world a better place by fully participating in it. Scholarship recipients perform a wide variety of remarkable public services across the globe, contributing to the welfare of our global village. Application deadlines in January.



The UW Office of Merit Scholarships & Awards has many resources for work & internship scholarships as well as study abroad, service & leadership, research, and scholarships for military veterans and international students. You can also search the OMSFA's Scholarship Database (UW NetID required).

Graduate Students:

The UW Graduate School Office of Fellowships and Awards provides graduate students with advice and resources for international study and research. There is also an extensive Fellowships Database & Calendar with funding opportunities for work & internships, research, study abroad, and post-graduate work opportunities.


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