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Our Service For Employers & Recruiters

On-Campus Presentations

Information sessions are a highly effective way to give our students an overview of what your organization does while building greater visibility on campus. Presentations can be either formal or informal and often range from large engagements to lunchtime sessions with smaller groups of students. Please contact our office to schedule an info session or see our FAQ section for more details. All information sessions hosted at the Jackson School are free of charge to both employers and students.


Job & Internship Postings

If you have positions on your team that you need to fill, be it short or long term, we can help. As with our info sessions, there is no charge to have your opportunities go out to students, either through out departmental mailing lists, social media groups, careers newsletter, or bulletin board. To start getting the word out to Jackson school students and alumni, please contact us.

Job and Internship Postings

Career & Networking Panels

At different points during the year, the Jackson School hosts career & networking panels to help students understand what professional life in a given industry is really like. Panelists visit and share their experiences and perspectives from their careers and organizations with students, and can answer questions afterwards in a dedicated Q & A session. Jackson School students greatly appreciate these panels as they are regarded as great opportunities to receive firsthand information about organizations and receive ideas for furthering their job or internship search. If you think you would be interested in being a part of our panel conversations at some point in the future, let us know.

Networking Panels

Career Fairs

If you are looking for an easy way to reach out to a large number of Jackson School students but keep your recruitment options open, a University of Washington career fair could be a great option for your organization. Our primary career & internship fairs are held in the fall and spring, but for up to date schedules and opportunities, we recommend contacting the UW Career Center employer relations team.

Careers Fairs