Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Alumni List



Beckwith, Melanie 
M.A., Law (2011)

Lillian Benjamin Benjamin, Lillian (2006–07 FLAS Fellow)
M.A., Public Health and Masters of Arts, International Studies (2008)
Current Position: Community Health Outreach Program in a hospital, Gabon (09/08)
Cody Case Case, Cody (2006–2008 FLAS Fellow)
M.A., Ethnomusicology (2008)
Chair: Ter Ellingson
  Day, Julia (2010-2012 Academic and Summer FLAS Fellow)
Ph.D., Ethnomusicology (2016)
Current Position: Student, University of Washington; in France conducting preliminary research on the West African population and music scene in Paris. Will conduct research in Montreal July 2014 with the aid of the International Council for Canadian Studies graduate student scholarship and an affiliation with Concordia University's Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling. (06/14)
Natalie Debray

Debray, Natalie (2001-2002 FLAS Fellow)
PhD, Communication (2008)
Chair: Tony Chan
Current Position: Lecturer, Department of Communication, University of Washington (07/08)


Maria Fannin Fannin, Maria (2002-2003 FLAS Fellow)
PhD., Geography (2006)
Chair: K. England
Current Position: Lecturer, School of Geographical Sciences, University of Bristol (12/06)


Leider, Jennifer
M.A., Public Affairs (2011)

Erin Maloney

Maloney, Erin (2008–09 FLAS Fellow)
M.A., Ethnomusicology (2010)


Norton, John (2007–08 FLAS Fellow)
M.A., Geography (2009)
Thesis (topic): The development of the St. Lawrence Seaway in Québec, Ontario, and New York

Tim Pasch Pasch, Timothy (2005-2008 FLAS Fellow)
PhD., Communication (2008)
Thesis: Inuktitut Online in Nunavik: Mixed Methods Web-Based Strategies for Preserving Aboriginal and Minority Languages
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Communication Program, University of North Dakota (09/12)
Jonathan Santiago

Santiago, Jonathan (2008–09 FLAS Fellow)
M.A., Public Health and Community Medicine


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