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Requirements for a Master of Arts Degree


Southeast Asian Studies



Students must reach a proficiency equivalent to completion of the third year in a Southeast Asian language. Beginning, intermediate and advanced Southeast Asian languages are taught during the academic year, and the Southeast Asia program can provide further information on summer language study.

Required Core Courses

  • JSIS A 506: The Study of Southeast Asia. Introduces problems in the study of the region (5 cr).
  • HSTAS 530: Field Course in Southeast Asian History. Advanced work in the History of Southeast Asia (5).
  • HSTAS 532: Seminar in Southeast Asian History. Continuation of HSTAS 530 with an emphasis on proposal and thesis writing (5).

JSIS A 506 is taught in alternate years with the HSTAS series; the order in which the three courses are taken therefore depends on the year of entry. These required courses contribute 15 credits of the required graduate work.

Other Coursework

Students must complete at least 21 credits in course work from at least two different departments. Most of this course work should be focused primarily on Southeast Asia, or in courses taught by Southeast Asia Faculty on topics relevant to specializations the student has chosen. Students may take a maximum of 5 credits in courses that are not focused on Southeast Asia, nor taught by Southeast Asia Faculty, but help to fulfill disciplinary or professional objectives. All courses are planned with the program advisor to ensure that program goals are met.

Thesis and Non-Thesis Options

Students have the option of completing either a thesis or non-thesis MA degree.

For the thesis option, the student will submit a thesis to a committee of at least two including the MA advisor. The student and the committee will agree on the content, methods, and length of the thesis.

Students may choose not to write an MA thesis, in which case two seminar papers, a documentary film or other original artistic creation, or an original theater production will be required. This requirement must be designed in consultation with and agreed upon by the MA adviser and approved by a committee of at least two including the MA adviser.



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