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Program Requirements
for a
Master of Arts in International Studies Degree: Korea Studies


Language Requirement:

Students must reach a proficiency equivalent to the completion of third-year Korean at the University of Washington.

Required Core Courses (21 credits):

  • HSTAS 482/History of Modern Korea
  • Korean History from 1860 to the present. Topics covered are traditional institutions and society, Japanese colonial rule, liberation and the Korean War, early Korean communist movement, and North and South Korea since 1945.
    5 credits

  • JSIS A 566/Comparative Politics and Korea Studies
    Approaches Korean politics, political economy, and society from a comparative perspective. Examples of major comparative questions based on Korean case include democratization, strong state dynamics, civil society, and impact of globalization.
    5 credits 
  • JSIS A 584/Survey of Korean Society
  • Social organization and values of 20th century Korea. Changes in family and kinship, gender relations, rural society, urban life, education, and industrial organization since 1900. Differences between North and South Korea since 1945.
    5 credits

  • JSIS A 585/Research Seminar: Modern Korea
  • Advanced instruction in problems and methods of research in Korean history.
    6 credits

Other Course Work (15 credits):

While focusing on Korea, students may take courses on China or Japan, as well as courses offered through the general International Studies program.

These courses should be at the 400 level or above. A minimum of 7 credits must be at the 500 level or above.

Final Papers and Oral Exam:

Students must form a Supervisory Committee consisting of at least two full-time graduate faculty members approved by the graduate program coordinator. This committee oversees the following:

Final Papers
Students must submit to their committee for approval either two papers or an Essay of Distinction.

Oral Exam
At the end of their last quarter, students must pass an oral exam administered by their committee. This exam covers both their course work and their final paper(s).


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