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Essentials for New Jackson School Graduate Students
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Registering for Classes
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  Before You Register for Classes

Course planning tools

To help you plan for Autumn Quarter and begin to map your progress in the Master’s Program while you are with the Jackson School, please check:

Each Jackson School program produces a course offerings booklet each quarter, listing courses offered by the Jackson School and other departments offering related courses. 

Be sure to see the Registrar's registration information and instructions: Also see

The Time Schedule

The Time Schedule is another important tool for selecting classes. It provides the most up-to-date information about instructors, meeting times, late-added courses, and changes or cancellations. If you find a discrepancy between printed information and the Time Schedule, rely on the latter.

To see the Time Schedule, go to

Add Codes

A course that requires an add code will show a carat ">" symbol just before the Schedule Line Number. Usually, you will be told in the Time Schedule which office to contact for an add code.

Registering for Classes

Immunization for Measles

The UW will not allow you to register for classes until you provide proof that you have been immunized against measles, or request that the requirement be waived for religious, personal, or medical reasons. See

Registration on the Web

To register for courses, you will first need to establish your “UW NetID.” On the Web, go to then click on “Need a UW NetID?" at the right; follow the instructions from there.

When you register for the first time, you will be prompted to make decisions about student health insurance, ASUW membership, and some other administrative matters.(For information about ASUW membership, see

For a guide to establishing your UW NetID, see the UW's New Student guide at

Registration Periods

New students register during Period II (June 24-September 24). If you do not register for anything during this period, you will have to pay a late registration fee. Once you are registered for something, you can add or drop courses through the end of Period III (September 25-October 1). (You do not have to register for all of your classes at one time.)  You are allowed only one course drop each academic year after the end of the second week of any quarter. For more information about the academic calendar, see

Student ID Card

The University of Washington issues each student a permanent ID card. See: Husky Card Services, for information about what to present when you go to Odegaard Undergraduate Library, ground floor, to obtain your student card. Your student card will be important for, among other things, admission to the Jackson School Graduate Reading Room (Thomson 311) and the graduate computer lab in the basement of Thomson.

Tuition and Fees

See for information about tuition (Tier I, which is the level of most Jackson Jackson School grads-concurrent professional school tuition is higher.) unless you. Most graduate students take 12-16 credits per quarter (3 classes+ a one- or 2-credit colloquium). Tuition is the same for any number of credits from 7-18.

For fewer than 7 credits, tuition will be less (see Tuition Rates). Tuition is expected to increase each year by 7.5% to 8%. Most Jackson School students are in the Tier 1 tuition category. Students concurrently in professional degree programs will be Tier 2 or higher. Students concurrently in professional programs will be assessed tuition at the rate for the professional school.

If you receive any form of financial aid (loans, fellowship, assistantship), you must register as a full-time student (minimum 10 credits). International students generally must be registered for a minimum of 10 credits. For more information, check with the Office of International Services (459 Schmitz Hall, 206-543-0840, web site:

Your tuition payment is due by the third Friday of the quarter. See the Student Fiscal Services page for more information.

Financial Aid

The Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA) is located in 105 Schmitz Hall. From the OSFA Web site,, you can download forms and view information pertaining to financial aid.

Student Employment

On-Campus Employment

Information about employment opportunities for students eligible for WorkStudy through the Financial Aid office is available here. The Human Resources department maintains a website for job-related student resources here and

Off-Campus Part Time Employment

Potential employers off-campus are invited to contact the Center for Career Services, located in 134 Mary Gates Hall, where their listings are placed in binders for students to check.

The UW Center for Career Services maintains a list of off-campus jobs:

The Career Center is a good resource in general for information about employment.

The Office of Student Services

All of these details may sound overwhelming, but the staff in the Office of Student Services (111 Thomson Hall) will be happy to point you toward the appropriate office or individual to answer your questions. We hope you enjoy your studies at the University of Washington, and invite you to suggest ways we can help to smooth the way for you.

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