JSIS TA Applications 2013-2014

Application Form

[Form will be available in late 2012.  Application deadline Jan. 31, 2013]

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers by Toni Read

Can I apply for more than one program and, if so, do I need to turn in a separate application for each program?

  • You can apply for as many programs as you are qualified for. Please turn in only ONE application, but check all applicable boxes. We will make the copies.

My letters are being sent separately, so they aren’t with my application. Is that OK?

  • It is fine for the letters of recommendation to be sent separately. They can be sent directly to me through campus mail, as an attachment by email to readme@u.washington.edu, or by fax to 206-685-0668.

How will I know if you’ve received all my letters of recommendation?

  • I will begin coordinating the letters of recommendation with the applications at the beginning of February. If you are missing any letters at that time I will contact you by email immediately. If the missing letters are from UW faculty and you have listed your referees on your application, I will also contact them by email on your behalf.

Does everyone have to submit letters of recommendation?

  • Yes, with one exception, all applicants must submit letters of recommendation. The exception applies strictly to applicants who are currently TAs in the Jackson School (12-13). For those applicants, the letters submitted as part of their application last year will be used again. I have those letters on file.

When will I be notified about the status of my application?

  • We will fill as many positions as possible by April 2013 and you should be advised of your status by then. All contact/notifications will be made by email to the email address listed on your application. 
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Office of Academic Services
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