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Minor in Latin American and Caribbean Studies

[Conversion table: JSIS course numbers in effect through Sum 2012]

30 credits as follows, plus foreign language: 

  1. One year of Spanish or Portuguese, or equivalent proficiency
  2. At least 5 credits in History chosen from an approved list*
  3. At least 15 credits chosen from an approved list of courses on Contemporary Latin America*
  4. At least 10 additional credits chosen from the History or Contemporary Latin America lists, or from an approved list of electives.*
  5. At least 20 of the 30 credits must be completed at the University of Washington (UW Foreign Study programs included). 
  6. Minimum grade of 2.0 required in each course applied toward the minor.

Course Lists

*(1) History Courses (5 credits)

ARCHY 304 New World Prehistory
ARCHY 476 New World States and Empires
HSTLAC 185 Intro to Latin American History: Columbus to Castro
HSTLAC 282 The Social History Of Mexico
HSTLAC 285 Latin American History Through Film
HSTLAC 384 Latin America: Inter-American and Intra-Continental Relations
HSTLAC 385 Colonial Society & Negotiation of Rule in L.A. and Caribbean
HSTLAC 386 Challenges of Post-Coloniality in Lat Am and Caribb
HSTLAC 480 Labor and Popular Movements in Latin America (joint w/SISLA)
HSTLAC 481 History of Peru and the Andean Retion
HSTLAC 482 History of Brazil: Colonial Period to the Present
HSTLAC 486 History of Mexico: Colonial Origins to 1822
HSTLAC 487 History of Mexico: 1822 to the Present
HSTLAC 488 History of Central America and the Caribbean
BIS 363 Bothell Conflict and Connection in the Americas

Other special topic courses may be counted when topic is Latin America.

*(2) Contemporary Latin America (15 credits)

ANTH 404 Peoples and Cultures of South America
ANTH 416 Comparative Social Movements: Mexico & United States
ANTH 418 Indian Heritage of Mexico and Central America
C LIT 315 National Cinema: Mexican Film
C LIT 321 Studies in Lit. of the Americas
C LIT 357 The US-Mexico Border in Literature and Film
CHSTU 255 Mexican Women: Past and Present
CHSTU 352 Mexican Immigration: A Comparative Analysis
ECON 492 Economic Issues of Contemporary Latin America
ENGL 317 Literature of the Americas
GEOG 430 Contemporary Development Issues in Latin America
HSTAA 284 History of the Chicano People since 1848
MUSIC 317 Music Cultures of the World: "The Americas"
MUSIC 433 Music of Latin America
PORT 310 Introduction to Lusophone Literature
PORT 335 Contemporary Brazilian Literature in Translation
JSIS A 322 Political Economy of Latin America (joint w/POLS)
JSIS A 323 U.S.-Latin America Relations
JSIS A 324/LSJ 322 Human Rights in Latin America
JSIS A 342 Government and Politics of Latin America ( w/POLS)
JSIS A 355 Social Change in Latin America (joint w/SOC)
JSIS A 486 Photography & Cultural Studies in Latin America (w/SPAN)
JSIS A 196, 396 Latin American Foreign Study
JSIS 480 Special Topics: Latin American Studies
JSIS 497 Latin Am Studies Internship (max 5 cr applied to minor)
SPAN 206 Arts and Culture of Oaxaca
SPAN 307 Introduction to Latin American Literature
SPAN 319 Mexican Literature
SPAN 320 Contemporary Latin American Literature in Translation
SPAN 334 Latin American Film
SPAN 376 Introduction to Latin American Poetry
SPAN 468 Latin American Women
SPAN 474 Latin American Fiction: Twentieth Century
SPAN 476 Contemporary Latin American Poetry
SPAN 477 Latin American Essay
SPAN 478 Modern Latin American Theater
SPAN 479 The City and Latin American Literature
SPAN 483 Latin American Literature: Origins to Independence
SPAN 484 Latin American Literature: Modernismo to the Present
SPAN 487 Mexican Cinema
SPAN 488 The Fantastic in Latin American Literature: Augusto
TCSIIN 435 Tacoma Popular Movements in Latin America
TIBCIN 461 Tacoma Religion and Church in Latin America
TSMIN 324  Tacoma Modern Latin America

*(3) Electives (10 credits)

All courses in areas (1) and (2) above, plus

ANTH 345 Women and International Economic Development
(joint w/ JSIS B & GWSS)
CHSTU 101 Intro. to Chicano Studies
CHSTU 200 Latinos in the United States
CHSTU 254 Northwest Latinos, History, Community, Culture
CHSTU 256 Chicanas: Gender and Race Issues
CHSTU 260 Introduction to Chicano Politics
CHSTU 330 Chicano/Chicana Autobiography
CHSTU 340 Latino/a Theater
CHSTU 356 The Chicano Family
CHSTU 405 Advanced Chicano Studies
CHSTU 498 Special Topics in Chicano Studies (if LAS topic)
GEOG 230 Geographies of Global Inequality
GEOG 335 Geography of the Developing World (w/ JSIS B)
GEOG 344 Migration in the Global Economy (w/JSIS B)
GEOG 371 World Hunger and Resource Development
HSTEU 361 Spain and Its Golden Age: 1469-1700
I BUS 330 Business Environment in Developing Nations
PSYCH 250 Racism and Minority Groups (AUT 2000-SU2007)
JSIS 200 States & Capitalism
JSIS 201 Making of the 21st Century
JSIS 202 Cultural Interactions
JSIS B 331 Political Economy of Development
JSIS B 333 Gender and Globalization: Theory and Process
JSIS B 330 International Political Economy
JSIS B 433 Environmental Degradation in the Tropics
JSIS B 385 Industry and the State
JSIS B 310/POL S 320 State-Society Relations in Third World Countries
SPAN 321 Introduction to Hispanic Literary Studies
SPAN 322 Introduction to Hispanic Cultural Studies
SPAN 333 Hispanic Film Studies
SPAN 464 Chicana Expressive Culture
SPAN 465 Contemporary Chicano Literature
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