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Minor in Japan Studies

The following are approved introductory Asian civilization courses for the Asia minors in the Jackson School: JSIS A 207; JSIS 203; JSIS A/HSTAS 212 (Korea); JSIS A/HSTAS 241 (Japan); JSIS A 242 (Japan); JSIS A/HSTAS 221 (Southeast Asia); HSTAS 201 (India), HSTAS 202 (India); HSTAS 211 (China).


[Conversion table: JSIS course numbers in effect through Sum 2012]

30 credits, to include the following:

  1. JSIS A/HSTAS 241 or JSIS A 242 and one additional introductory Asian civilization course from those listed above (10 credits)

  2. 10 credits of electives taken at the UW, chosen from the Japan history/social science electives list*

  3. 5 credits of electives taken at the UW, chosen from the Japan history/social science list or the Japan arts/literature electives list*

  4. 5 additional credits in Japanese language beyond second-year level, or in upper-division transfer courses on Japan, or in additional electives chosen from the Japan history/social science electives list*

  5. Minimum grade of 2.0 required in each course applied toward the minor.

Elective Lists

*Japan: History/Social Science
†SISEA/HSTAS 241 Japanese Civilization (5)
†JSIS A 242 Japan in the Contemporary World (5)
JSIS D/HSTAS 422 History of Tokugawa Japan (5)
JSIS A/HSTAS 423 History of Modern Japan (5)
JSIS A/POL S 435 Government and Politics of Japan (5)
JSIS A 436/POL S 429 Political Parties in Japan and East Asia (5)
JSIS A 437/POL S 424 International Relations of Japan (5) [formerly SISEA 487]
JSIS A/HSTAS 424 Emergence of Postwar Japan (5)
HSTAS 441 Economic and Social Hist. of Japan to 1900 (5)
JSIS A 473 Political Economy of Postwar Japan (5)
JSIS A 449/ANTH 443 Anthropology of Modern Japan (5)
JSIS A 474 Civil Society in Japan and East Asia (5)
JSIS A 475 Japanese Society (5)
JSIS A 478 Japanese Business and Technology (5)
JSIS A 487/POL S 418 Japanese Trade Diplomacy (5)
† if not taken for requirement (1) above
*Japan: Arts/Literature
ART H 204 Survey of Asian Art (5)
ART H 318 Japanese Prints 1600-Present (5)
ART H 321 Arts of Japan (5)
ART 419 Japanese Architecture (3)
JAPAN 321, 322, 323 Japan in Literature I, II, III (5, 5, 5)

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