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Program Description - Canadian Studies

The Canadian Studies Program at the University of Washington is an interdisciplinary program designed to develop an understanding of Canada, of Canada's relationships with the United States, of Canada's major role in the Commonwealth and in the United Nations and of Canada in International context. Canadian Studies is coordinated by the Canadian Studies Center which is administered through the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies.

Core courses offered through the Jackson School introduce the student to the origins and evolution of Canadian peoples, their society and culture. Other courses relevant to Canada are offered in Architecture and Urban Planning, American Indian Studies, Anthropology, Art History, Asian American Studies, Business, Communications, Economics, English, Environmental Studies, Fishery Sciences, Forest Resources, Geography, History, Law, Linguistics, Music/Musicology, Oceanography, Political Science, Public Affairs, Romance Languages and Literature, Social Work and Women Studies. The Canadian Studies Program is also served by faculty in the University's professional schools with Canada-related courses offered in Business Administration, Communications, Forest Resources, Public Affairs, Health Sciences, Law, Ocean and Fishery Sciences and Urban Design and Planning.

The affinity between Canada and the United States is reflected in a variety of topics, including Pacific Northwest History, Environmental Concerns and the Art of the Northwest Coast Indians. Some of the differences between Canada and the United States are highlighted in such areas as Government and Politics of Canada, Québécois Literature, and the Mass Media in Canada.

The Canadian Studies Center, along with the Center for Canadian and American Studies at Western Washington University, comprises one of two federally-funded National Resource Centers for the study of Canada in the United States. In support of the research and teaching interests of faculty, staff and students at the University of Washington, the University Libraries hold one of the largest collections of Canadian materials in North America. In overall comprehensiveness the Library system ranks twelfth in all of North America. Students who desire practical experience outside the classroom can choose from a growing list of internships with business, government and non-profit organizations involved in transactions that affect Canadians and cross-border issues.

-Vincent Gallucci, Chair

Admission to Major - open major

Any undergraduate admitted for study as a matriculated student in the College of Arts and Sciences may declare Canadian Studies as a major or a minor and work for the B.A. degree.

Major Requirements

Students whose principal interest is Canada may earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Canadian Studies. They must successfully complete requirements in international affairs, economics, and language (French) as well as the area requirements of the program and the College of Arts and Sciences.

    General (25 credits):

    • JSIS 200, States & Capitalism: Origins of the Modern Global System (5)
    • JSIS 201, Introduction to International Political Economy (5)
    • JSIS 202, Cultural Interactions in an Interdependent World (5)
    • ECON 200, Introduction to Microeconomics (5)
    • ECON 201, Introduction to Macroeconomics (5)

    Foreign Language:

      French language competency through second year college level

    Canadian Studies Required Courses:

    • JSIS A 356, Canadian Society (5)
    • JSIS A 498, Seminar: Canadian Problems (5)

    Canadian Studies Electives:

      A minimum of 18 additional credits from an approved course list focusing on such areas as Canadian history, literature, government and politics, multiculturalism, geography, environmental studies, communications, urban design and planning, and aboriginal studies.

Overlapping credits: A maximum of 15 credits that are used to fulfill minimum requirements of any other UW major can be counted in this major.

Minor Requirements

25 credits, to include the following:

    1. JSIS A 356 and JSIS A 498 (10 credits)

    2. 15 credits of electives chosen from an approved list*

    3. Minimum grade of 2.0 in each course applied to the minor

    4. Minimum 15 credits completed at the UW

    *For a list of approved electives, follow this link.

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