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International Studies majors at a glance


Detailed Descriptions

The Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies offers seven majors in international studies at the undergraduate level. Students may concentrate in one of eight regional studies options, one of two thematic programs, or pursue a broader course of study within the general program in International Studies. 

Asian Studies - open major International Studies (General)
- apply to major
Canadian Studies - open major
Jewish Studies - open major
Comparative Religion - open major Latin American and Caribbean Studies
- open major
European Studies - open major  







Undergraduate Minors

The Jackson School offers 16 undergraduate minors. Additionally, both the Jackson School and the Law, Societies, and Justice Program are sources for information about the UW's Tri-Campus Minor in Human Rights.

African Studies Japan Studies          
Arctic Studies Jewish Studies
Canadian Studies Korea Studies
China Studies Middle East Studies
Comparative Islamic Studies Latin American and Caribbean Studies
Comparative Religion Russian, Eastern European, & Central Asian Studies
European Studies South Asian Studies
Human Rights - Tri-Campus Minor Southeast Asian Studies
International Studies  


Jackson School Graduate Programs

The Jackson School offers graduate training leading to the Master of Arts in International Studies and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. In addition to the PhD, nine programs lead to a Master of Arts in International Studies degree: seven world area-studies programs, a comparative religion program, and a comparative and thematic program in international studies that concentrates on the interaction of international, economic, political, and cultural processes with states and societies around the world. The International Studies M.A.I.S. program can be taken as a concurrent degree program with several UW professional schools.

For more information click on the headings below; if you would like printed fliers on any of these programs, please contact us. Learn more on the Graduate Programs page.

 Master of Arts in International Studies (MAIS) Programs
China Studies Middle East Studies
Comparative Religion Russian, East European, and Central Asian Studies
International Studies South Asian Studies
Japan Studies Southeast Asian Studies
Korean Studies  






Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) Program

The Jackson School Ph.D. Program integrates the renowned area-based capabilities of its existing graduate programs with leading-edge scholarship and practice in the field of international studies. This innovative program is aimed at those scholars and practitioners who want to develop deep knowledge of areas in the context of specific contemporary global themes, policy challenges, and real-world problems. It combines an intensive research tutorial system with specific coursework to allow doctoral candidates to finish in 3-4 years. Learn more about the Ph.D. program.

Master of Arts in Applied International Studies (MAAIS)

The Master of Arts in Applied International Studies (MAAIS) program is a 10-month intensive degree option designed for mid-career professionals. Learn more about the MAAIS program.

MAAIS only Application Contact information:
Master of Arts in Applied International Studies
Box 353650
Seattle, WA 98195
800-506-1325 or 206-897-8939


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